Purpose of This Document:
This summary plan has been specifically assembled for review by funding groups in direct response to communications between NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS President, Michael Elley, and managing principals or representatives o the said funding groups, pursuant to creation of NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS on one of several possible sites in and around the Nashville, Tennessee, area. As such, this plan presents a comprehensive overview of the facilities and contractors designated to design and construct aspects of the studio infrastructure. The Executive Summary of this document is not intended to be an exhaustive overview of all aspects associated with NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS, which will be presented in an even more detailed business plan, but was put together as a quick intro in response to bona fide inquiries from funding entities.

Because it is the third largest, multi-billion dollar entertainment capital in the United States, because of its large-scale international commerce in the music industry, because the major labels in Nashville are connected to major filmmaking entities in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere, and because of its pre-existing and thriving film/video production infrastructure, Nashville is by far the most logical place to construct the world’s next state-of-the-art motion picture and television studio facility.

While there has been intermittent motion picture and television activity in Nashville over the decades, the last three years have witnessed the single largest emergence of independent filmmaking energies in the history of Nashville. Several full-length feature films have been produced, as well as an even larger number of short features and documentaries. Even more significantly, perhaps, is that Nashville has created a series of mechanisms that have brought a great deal of visibility, energy, resources, producers, directors and writers to Nashville from national and international sources. These mechanisms include creation of the nation’s fastest-growing film school, and international screenplay competition, a world-class film symposium, an independent filmmakers anthology, and motion picture and television conferences that have already brought and will bring distributors, producers, directors, agents and motion picture executives to Nashville on a continuous basis.

The Nashville entertainment market is like few other markets in the world, in that it is an idiosyncratic combination of world-class art industry entities of substantial economic clout immersed within the context of a rather provincial community that truly requires many years to penetrate, in terms of the personal networks that need to be established, developed, and nurtured over time. Michael Elley as well as a number of his closest associates have spent years in the Nashville market penetrating the industry to such an extent that they are now effectively positioned at the very center of the emerging independent filmmaking community of Nashville and at the very center of mechanisms involving producers from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Wilmington, and Vancouver, who are all willing to bring motion picture and television projects to Nashville.

While contemplating the creation of a major motion picture studio these days, it is standard practice to employ high rhetoric that the facility is intended to be world-class, state-of-the-art, and run by the best personnel that money can acquire, the only circumstances which truly determine the success or failure of a major motion picture studio, anywhere, are the Key relationships developed and maintained by the entities running or integral to the studio. Michael Elley and his associates have developed the full spectrum of strategic relationships necessary to enable the establishment and prosperity of NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS.

The full breadth of these strategic relationships will ensure that NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS will be constructed in a world-class yet economic manner, that productions will both be drawn to and spawned in Nashville, and that they will be marketed and distributed effectively out of Nashville, thereby creating a self-sustaining system that can only increase in profitability.


* Film producers save 25% in production costs over New York and L.A.
* Tennessee is a right-to-work state
* The variety and beauty of the surrounding countryside
* The music industry
* The good climate (four seasons)
* Excellent work force
* Good schools
* Low property taxes and abundant rental property
* Good environment for business
* American Airlines and Southwest Airlines concentration
* Central location: 72% of population of U.S. is within 650 miles of the city
* Large International population: i.e. many nationalities for “extras” (150+ nationalities)

In a special report on Tennessee in the “Hollywood Reporter” (an industry trade magazine), ten good reasons to film in this area were listed. The first was “cooperation, cooperation, cooperation.” Also listed were, “diversity of locations, lower average costs, experienced technicians, deep talent pool, extensive support services, and no film hassles from the right places.”


NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS is purchasing 5000+ acres of commercial property in Middle Tennessee.

We will build a 200,000 square foot FEATURE FILM PRODUCTION COMPLEX which will include 3 Dubbing Theatres, 5 Control Rooms, 4 Viewing Theatres, 24 Editing Rooms, Foley Stage, a Teleport/router; and 5 Sound Stages (30,000 – 20,000 – 15,000 – 10,000 -10,000 square feet, respectively) all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for first-class Film/TV/Video/Recording Productions.

LIGHT WAVES STUDIOS will produce Country, Rock-and-Roll, Inspirational and Contemporary Christian Music, as well as Sound Tracks for the various Film/Television/Video Projects. This will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of NIS.

THE SEVEN SEAS Entertainment Complex (“ULTIMATE EARTH”) will encompass a 50-acre (under- roof) Recreational, Entertainment, Multi-Cultural Facility. Each section in this complex will have its own Theatre, Restaurant, Rides and Shops, indigenous to its cultural base. Venice, London, Alaska, Civil-War America, Germany/Switzerland, Japan, Paris, Mexico and Egypt cultures will all be represented, with each section having the ability to instantly convert to Film/TV “Location” Shooting Stages with full sound, lighting and climate controls.

THE SOUTHERN ESPLANADE will feature a series of Concert, Dinner and Dance Clubs, Shops and other Nighttime Entertainment Facilities. The World’s Music will be expressed.

EARTH WORLD will be an “Edu-tainment” Theme Park incorporating the needs of the Earth and life in general and an amusement park where the Visitor will experience an Entertaining Education. At the center of Earth World will be the EARTH SPHERE. This will house a holographic, 3-D Theatre-in-the- Round; along with our EARTH INTERACTIVE MUSEUM.

Other Features of EARTH WORLD will be:

1. A NATIVE AMERICAN (CHEROKEE) VILLAGE; also included: Indian Mounds, Native American Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance.
2. A WESTERN TOWN (“DEADWOOD GULCH”) with Stage Coach Rides, Trains, Pony Express, and a full Western Set with Covered Wagon/Hayrides, Western Wear and Equestrian Shops, Riding Stables and Trails.
3. A CARTOON TOWN with rides and holographic cartoon characters.
4. A CRYSTAL KINGDOM, complete with Castles, Moats, Mystical-Magical Shops, Period Foods, Knights and Ladies, and all types of Pay-as-you-Play Games.
5. A HOLOGRAPHIC ZOO, along with real animals, intermingled throughout the entire park to give a “reality” factor to all of the settings and add to the entertainment aspects of the Park.

All of EARTH WORLD is a Film Set and can be used as such at any time.

Other aspects of the ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX include:

2. The Largest G-SCALE TRAIN EXHIBITION in the world;
4. A 100-ACRE FAIRGROUNDS (for Powwows, Jamborees, Fairs of all kinds, Flea Markets, Trade Shows, Major Exhibits, and Conventions);
5. A SPORTS ARENA (for Indoor Hockey, Roller Hockey, Ice Shows, Basketball, Rock Climbing Competition, Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Beach Volley Ball, Boxing, etc.);
6. A World-Class WATER PARK;
8. BROADWAY SHOW THEATRES; CONCERT THEATRES; DINNER THEATRES (all theatres have full video/recording transmission capabilities).
10. An EQUESTRIAN CENTER and PAVILIAN for horse shows, dog shows, trade shows, and concerts. Included will be an outside SHOW RING and THROUGHBRED RACE TRACK for training.

The Variety of Attractions offered will establish NASHVILLE INTERNATIONAL STUDIOS as one of the most complete, State-of-the-Art ENTERTAINMENT FACILITIES in the World.

With the initial Purchase and Development of 5,000 Acres of land in Rural Tennessee, this Multi-Use Facility will provide employment for all facets of the Construction Industry, on an on-going basis for a minimum of 10 years. It will employ 6000+ Personnel once the Park is fully built out; and will include Free Education from childcare through graduation for Employees and their Families, providing scholarships and grants for those students going on to higher education; with fully-accredited Film School on campus, provided at no cost. All employees will receive Full Benefits, including Free Medical, and Profit Sharing.