Mission Statement:

“We accept our responsibility to be caretakers of the land; to protect it and use its abundance for the benefit of mankind, both here and around the world.”

Mr. Elley is an international businessman, inventor, entrepreneur and humanitarian. He has spent over 30 years working in the development and marketing of “non-waste-technologies.” As Executive Vice President/Partner of Solara Electronics, Inc., he invented the “NATURE SHIELD” Rodent & Insect Control Device utilizing a proprietary scientific development, “Contro-Clusive Magnetism: A multiple-vortex energy flow, resolving in an elastic expansion and contraction of capacitance, in relation to space and altitude.”

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He established manufacturing, marketing and sales for national and international distribution; was company spokesperson; and international negotiator. Mr. Elley, as Vice President of Non-Waste Tech., Inc., has spent over 20 years representing internationally renowned inventor, Dr. Godofredo Monsod, Jr. (Philippines), who has developed 42 products from the Water Hyacinth.

Mr. Elley has developed Emerging Industry, as well as Fully-Commercial Facilities concepts and capacities. As President/CEO of Ultimate Earth, Inc., Mr. Elley developed financing, marketing and promotion (both nationally and internationally) for Scientific Utilization, Inc. (SUI)- developer of Alternating Current Plasma-Torch Technology for the remediation of waste and the creation of electricity.

Michael Elley